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Areas of Focus



Depression can affect anyone, particularly those that have a family history of depression. Depression can occur after a stressful life event and can make it difficult to cope with work and relationships. People can often feel lonely and helpless, stuck in cycles of ruminative thinking. Some people can experience suicidal thoughts, in which case help is needed immediately. 



Anxiety affects us all from time to time and is a natural and healthy emotion. But when it is experienced frequently anxiety can interfere with work, relationships and living a fulfilling life. It can become debilitating and lead to stress and anger. Anxiety ranges from generalised anxiety, to obsessive compulsive disorder to specific phobias. 


Post-Natal Depression + Anxiety

Post-natal depression and anxiety can affect anyone. Post-natal mental health issues may leave you feeling numb, sad or unable to connect with your baby. You are not alone in this struggle. If you are experiencing these feelings for longer periods of time, you may need to seek professional help.


Adolescent Depression + Self-Harm

All teenagers can be sullen and moody sometimes. As loving parents, you often bear the brunt of this emotional rollercoaster. But when moody gives way to extended periods of sadness and self-loathing, they may require professional help. Self-harm is not uncommon and is important to address.


Children's Anxiety + Bullying

Many children experience anxiety as they start to learn more about the world around them. Some children suffer from seperation anxiety while many struggle with fears about getting into trouble or making friends. Sometimes children need to learn social skills to stand up to bullies in a way that improves their self-confidence. 


Behavioural Problems in Children

Behavioural problems in children can range from difficulties in regulating emotions, oppositional behaviour to conduct disorder. Behaviour can be influenced by family relationships and the ability to integrate the right and left hemispheres of the brain in order to make good choices. 


Eating Disorders

Eating disorders can present as restrictive eating, binge eating or compensatory behaviours such as excessive exercise and purging. Regulating emotions through eating and body image issues can contribute to these difficulties, which can be life-threatening. 


Relationship Problems

Relationships are complex and are integral to our happiness and sense of belonging. Difficulties can arise in marriages, parent-child relationships or friendships. Individual therapy, couples therapy and family therapy can help to improve the communication in these relationships and help to resolve issues that may be causing tension and misunderstanding. 


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